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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Members that need prayers
Jolene Reeves
Hagel Branch
Robbie Gilbert
Marie Richardson
Bud Akers
Randall Page
Randy Myers
Connie Perry
Sandi Borcherding
Burl Copeland

If there anyone that needs to be added to the list, please contact the
Lodge Administrator, Will Harrison @ 5802551001
Lodge Prelate, Bennie Lassley @ 5806567439
Moose Riders Prelate, Randall Page @ 5807868428
WOTM Sr Regent, Tammie Rogers @ 4055018907
WOTM Jr Regent, Laura Britt @ 5806067409
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  • 04/20/2017 POKER RUN
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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What a year we have had. I would like to think everyone that signed someone up last year and would like to thank all of our new members for becoming a moose member. Well as we start this year I hope we can get are membership goal out of the way and work on closing the back door on members that try to leave us. I know we have a new board of officers and they have lots of goals for the lodge this next year so, let help them reach their goals and make are great lodge better. In closing I would like for everyone to think about going to Home coming at Mooseheart on Sept. 30, 2017 if we can get enough people that wants to go maybe we can rent a van and go up there together.
Will Harrison
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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